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Shopping in Mumbai


Shopping is an exhilarating activity for almost every person. As regards Mumbai, it becomes even more exciting and electrifying. For the reason that it houses Bollywood, the city always has an appeal about itself. And certainly, the appeal is not only ostentatious like a far-flung star, but is actually real. Here, one can find each and every thing, varying from trendy clothing to antique jewelry, sparkling cars to high-tech gadgets, colorful handicrafts to abstract paintings, fabulous leather ware to the most-modern furniture, and the list goes on.

Indeed, you can spend hours exploring markets, where your mind would simply boggle concerning what to buy. There are huge malls that even specialize in jewelry, sports items, interiors, furniture, electronic equipments and weddings, apart from the ones having all the basic things. After browsing the malls, you can check out the ancient and renowned markets like Chor Bazaar or Theives Market, Crawford Market, Mutton Street, Linking Road, Hill Road, Fashion Street and Zaveri Bazar.

Shop to your heart’s content in these markets of Bombay. Said to be the New York of India, the Island city has almost everything that you can think of. You can find stores of designer clothes, designer jewelry, antiques and branded items as well. While shopping at the local markets, get ready to bargain a lot with the shopkeepers. Sometimes you can also get the products at throwaway prices, so don’t get into the haggle if you find the price okay. Come and experience shopping in Mumbai.  

 Chor Bazaar

Location: Mutton Street, Opp. Shafi Masjid, Mumbai
Attraction: Special shops for antiques and curios
How to Reach: One can easily reach Chor Bazaar by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.


 Antiques are becoming the style statement of today’s drawing rooms. And a trip to Mumbai (or Bombay) could unfold some of the best antiques you might have ever seen. Chor Bazaar is the place poised on the Mutton Street, where you can grab vintage assortment of curios. Literally meaning Thieves Market, Chor Bazar is a chaotic street flanked by numerous antique shops, where anything, varying from old ship parts, grandfather clocks, gramophones, old English tea sets to crystal chandeliers, could bargain your interest.

What’s more, you can forage for Ming vases and Muranos as well. Besides the above mentioned itmes, you can also trace antiques like hardware, tools, wooden carvings, brassware, statues, figures, silver coins, engines, old timepiece, jewelry, etc in the bustling area. In case you happen to be an antiquarian or restorer, then you are moving for just the right place. Victorian furniture can also be found here, that too, authentic one, which would definitely add grace to your rooms. While buying things from Chor Bazaar, keep ‘bargaining’ as the keyword in your mind.

It’s absolutely not a problem, if you just want to browse and have glimpse of this bizarre market. Open between 11:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs on usual days, the market is closed on Fridays. Being centrally located, one can easily reach here and spend hours while checking out some hand crafted sword or royal dress of a King in the marketplace. In precise terms, Chor Bazar is certainly a dreamland for antique lovers and one should never miss this atypical market on a tour to Mumbai. 

Crawford Market

Location: South Mumbai
Attractions: Architectural splendor
How to Reach: One can easily reach Crawford Market by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

 Crawford Market is one of the prominent markets of Mumbai. It is located in South Mumbai, to the north of Victoria railway station and opposite the Police headquarters. The market is called so, after the City’s Municipal Commissioner Arthur Crawford. Though it is now officially known as the Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Market, it is still popular by its former name. The construction of the market building was completed in 1869. One of the main features of the building is the Clock Tower, which is adorned with beautiful Victorian carvings.

Crawford Market was the main wholesale market of the former city of Bombay till 1966, when it was shifted to Navi Mumbai. The market is spread in an area of around 72000 sq yards and is famous for its architecture, which is a blend of Norman and Flemish architectural styles. The impressive frieze on the main entrance is a treat for the eyes and depicts Indian Peasants in wheat fields. It was designed by Lockwood Kipling, father of the famous novelist Rudyard Kipling. The place is so designed that it receives ample sunlight during the day.

Apart from this, Crawford market is a shopper’s paradise. The market place is seen loaded with piles of fresh fruits and vegetables, the fragrance of which can be smelled from a distance. Besides, one can also grab some fresh cheese and chocolate here, to pamper his taste buds. Moreover, it is also known for its meat and poultry stalls, which provide a wide variety to the customers at reasonable rates. Thus, Crawford market is a must visit place on your trip to Mumbai, the city of dream. 

 Fashion Street

Location: Opposite Azad Maidan in South Mumbai
Attractions: Clothes and fashion accessories at cheap rates
How to Reach: One can easily reach Fashion Street by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.


 Fashion Street (FS) is the name that you can hear from most of the college students in Mumbai as soon as the last bell rings. Indeed, it has become the stomping ground of the students and teenagers, who make the style statement in their classrooms and the realm of fashion. Located adjoining the Cross Maidan and opposite Azad Maidan in South Mumbai, Fashion Street is actually a market flooded with export surplus clothing. It is a group of more than 100 shops, where you can get chic clothes and fashion accessories at very cheap rates.

Most of the clothes land here because they get rejected by the quality conscious importers. It is possible that you may get a button missing or crooked collar, but on the whole, these clothes are stylish, cheap and of good quality. Mumbai, the Business Capital of India, is the prime exporter of readymade clothes to abroad. The clothes, which make the craze stuff in the leading stores of the US and Europe, can be obtained at Fashion Street, besides for a fraction of their price overseas.

Apart from clothing, here you can find shops selling shoe and costume jewelry too. Haggling is ‘mantra’ of shopping at Fashion Street, where shopkeepers generally quote higher prices. You can really enjoy buying cool stuff, while bargaining and cracking pretty good deals. Essentially ask half of the price, what has been asked by the proprietor, haggle a bit or move forward and eventually, you will get the selected things at the price quoted by you. On your visit to Mumbai (Bombay), definitely pay a visit at Fashion Street to get some really nice stuff.  

Zaveri Bazaar

Location: Bhuleshwar in South Mumbai
Attractions: Ornaments of Gold, Diamond, Platinum etc.
How to Reach: One can easily reach Zaveri Bazaar by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

 Specialization is the keyword of the present times. To your surprise, our ancestors were not ignorant of this current fact when Zaveri Bazaar was established. The bazaar is virtually a market that understands and speaks the language of gold. You are guessing right. This is the bustling jewelry market of the Island City of India. Located at Bhuleshwar in South Bombay, Zaveri Bazaar is a muddle of narrow lanes, dotted with hundreds of jewelry shops that sell gems and jewels.

The glittering market has the headquarters of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, the biggest jewelry retailer of India. Here, you can find the latest designs of ornaments, made of every possible gem and precious metal. Undoubtedly, women would love to haunt this place without bothering about the jostle inside the market. Actually, Zaveri Bazaar gets the maximum credit of jewelry and gems’ export from the country.

The extravaganza ranges from all kinds of gems and precious stones to each and every metal. If want to buy jewelry from here, confirm the rates from government approved shops prior getting into any deal. Profligacy could get you photo frames, clips, tea-sets, dinnerware, toys crafted out of expensive metals. Not interested in buying, you can always glimpse the exquisite ornaments showcased outside the shops. During the times of Diwali and Ramzan, Zaveri Bazaar is a place to see amidst gold illumination.   

Mumbai Shopping Malls

Malls have become the latest trend of shopping in cities, where people don’t have much time to go to different places for buying various things. The malls have changed the idea of old shopping, when people used to shop in different markets, while sweating and holding several bags at the same time. Bombay is not unmarked by the vogue of shopping malls that offer the ultimate shopping experience. Actually, Mumbai is dotted with colossal malls, both specialized and assorted ones.

The specialized ones deal in sports items, wedding, jewelry etc. Whereas, other malls have almost everything, ranging from clothes, shoes, things of daily need, restaurants, designer watches & purses, games court, electronics, music galleries, beauty salons to lounge. The main purpose behind shopping malls is to ensure comfortable shopping to the people, where they can park their car, leave children in their favorite game court, shopping to their heart’s content from various outlets and finally, munch at the best restaurant.

  • R-Mall, Mulund (West)
  • Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel
  • Atria Mall, Worli
  • Crossroads mall, Worli
  • City Mall, Andheri (West)
  • Sunrays Shopping Center, Borivali
  • Inorbit Shopping Mall, Malad (West)
  • Hypercity Mall, Malad (West)
  • Center One, Navi Mumbai
  • Infinity Mall, Andheri (West)