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Beaches in Mumbai

Beaches in Mumbai


Mumbai, being the Island City of India, obviously abounds in beaches. The whole coastline of the metropolis is dotted with numerous beaches, which not only give a breathing space to the city-dwellers, but become fun-fair in the evenings too. Under this category, Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach are the prominent ones, where food stalls and ferry rides dominate the environment. Where Marine Drive is the centre of attraction for its stunning walkway, Versova Beach is known for its community of fisher folks. Though not intended for swimming or sunbathing, Mumbai Beaches have a charm of their own. Scroll down to know more about the popular beaches of the Bombay city of Maharashtra. 

Chowpatty Beach

Location: Northern end of Marine Drive, South Mumbai
Attractions: Local delicacies, amusements etc
How to Reach: One can easily reach Chowpatty Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.


Chowpatty Beach is a place that requires no introduction. No tour to Mumbai is complete without visiting this lively beach, which is not meant for sunbathing or swimming, but for eating. Situated at the northern end of Marine drive, Chowpatty Beach is popular amongst people of all age groups. Every evening, this beach gets stuffed with people, amidst food kiosks, ferry rides, balloon sellers, etc. Indeed, it’s a place where you would love to come after a tiring day to please your taste buds, suck in some fresh air and gradually cooling your heels.

Moreover, it hosts various festivals of the Hindus throughout the year. Coconut Festival and Ganesh Chaturthi are the events that bring together people, from all stratus of the Commercial Capital of India. During the sunlight hours, Chowpatty Beach makes the resort of the people who doze under the shade of small trees. However, the evenings transform the whole beach into a venue for some carnival, where children enjoy in ferry rides and pony rides, while curb wayside astrologers make some swift money.

You can delight in the shows of professional masseurs, beebee-gun shooting galleries, contortionists, snake charmers and monkey-trainers. Take a quick bite of ‘bhel-puri’ that once eaten, you will not be able to resist. Relish the local delicacies such as Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri and Kulfi sold at local stalls dotting the beach. Chowpatty Beach acts as a hangout for masses in all seasons. Don’t forget to explore this lively beach of Mumbai, where evenings are bustling and days are quite somber.

Juhu Beach

Location: Central suburb of Mumbai
Attractions: Beautiful sunsets, local food, etc
How to Reach: One can easily reach Juhu Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

Juhu Beach is a beautiful beach, which gets strokes of turquoise waves day and night. Located in the central suburb of Mumbai, this coastline acts as a coolant to your worries and tensions. One can access this unruffled beach from Vile Parle, Santa Cruz and Andheri as well. It’s the pre-eminent place to view spectacular sunsets, when the ceaseless horizon appears splendidly tinted in shades of red and orange. This lovely sight of the sun descending into the vast Arabian Sea, presents an amazing vista that is hard to forget. 

As the Sun goes down, Juhu Beach cloaks in the feel of fun-fair, where local food stalls and ferry riders’ horde the area. Like Chowpatty Beach, it is a popular place to spend time in the evenings and enjoy the appetizing local snacks of Mumbai. You can nibble the spicy Bhel Puri or gobble the appetizing Pani Puri at the local kiosks out here. Pav Bhaji could be another delicacy that you would love to eat again and again. On weekends, it become an extravaganza in presence of vendors, toy sellers, horse and donkey rides, dancing monkeys, acrobats and cricket matches. 

Juhu Beach is frequently visited by score of people round the year. It has been picturized in many movies of the Bollywood, but it seems actors have liked this place so much that they have chosen it as their abode. Many a hotels and lavish restaurants have cropped up on its southern side. To its north, there lies the Versova Beach, renowned for its fishing community. Not advisable for swimming and sun-bathing, Juhu Beach is a perfect place to enjoy the tasty local food and admire the mesmerizing sunsets.

Marine Drive

Location: South Mumbai
Attractions: Art Deco buildings, beautiful esplanade
How to Reach: One can easily reach Marine Drive by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

Marine Drive is a skillfully laid-out boulevard in South Mumbai. It is actually an upturned ‘C’-shaped six lane concrete road, which lengthens to 3 km along the coastline – a natural bay. This avenue connects Nariman Point with Malabar Hills. Situated over domesticated land, facing west-south-west, its coastline forms the part of the Arabian Sea. What draws attention to this avenue is the striking esplanade next to the road, where scores of people come to breathe fresh air and view sunset. 

Officially called Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marine Drive was earlier identified as Sonapur amongst local Marathi populace. Palm trees are lined up along the road, presenting a picturesque view and nice walkway to take a stroll. Having the highest real estate prices in India, the buildings down the road embrace many hotels and are home to many celebrities. Indeed, there is a row of art deco buildings that were built by wealthy Parsis during early 1920′s. Bombay just follows Miami (USA) in its number of art deco buildings along the waterfront. 

At nights, Marine Drive looks stunning illuminated, with lights and if seen from some elevated point beside the road, it appears like a necklace with street lights resembling a string of pearls. Attributable to its extravagant loveliness, it is also known as Queen’s Necklace. Chowpatty Beach, famous for its local fast-food, lies at the northern end of this road. One of the busiest roads in Mumbai, Marine Drive has been acclaimed as the world’s largest viewing gallery that hosts various events. 

Marine Drive offers the best causeway to take a refreshing saunter next to the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea. The cool breeze would caress you with its gentle touch, making you feel at cloud nine. ‘Nana-Nani’ park is the recent attraction, which has been added for senior citizens in the area. Tickle your taste buds with the local ‘kulfi’ and tit-bits available at road-side kiosks. Thus, Marine Drive is a place that you cannot afford to miss while holidaying in Bombay.

Madh Island

Location: Northwest Coast of Mumbai
Attractions: Madh Fort, Church of St. Bonaventure
How to Reach: One can easily reach Madh Island Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

Madh Island is essentially a cluster of some old-world fishing villages and farmlands, nestled cozily on the north-west coast of Mumbai. Its serene beach is renowned for hosting the most ravishing parties, thrown by the upper strata of the city. Here, people converge and tap their feet on the tunes of the peppy numbers played by the class DJ’s. Dotted with sumptuous bungalows, Madh Island Beach can be browsed to get a respite from the crowded city. Though not recommended for swimming, the beach is apt as an escapade. 

Madh Fort, which is said to be built by the Portuguese, is the prime attraction of the beach. Earlier used as a watchtower, the fort was later used as a training encampment for cadets. Take a stroll along the shoreline and discover the fishermen that inhabit the region. Owing to strong sea currents, the beach is quite perfidious to move out into the waters. Regarding geography, Madh Island would have been a peninsula, if a small creek hemmed in mangroves had not separated it with the mainland near Aksa. 

During low tide, one can actually walk across the sands from Dana Paani Beach in Erangal to Aksa Beach. Erangal village is a lovely place on the Madh Island, where people usually rely on farming. Here, you can find many holiday cottages on top of bungalows. The Church of St. Bonaventure, a Portuguese church that dates back to the 16th century, is another site to visit on the island. To put succinctly, Madh Island Beach is a place that is close to nature and makes a perfect hangout for solitude lovers.

Versova Beach

Location: North of Juhu Beach, Greater Mumbai
Attractions: Scenic coastline, fish market, etc
How to Reach: One can easily reach Versova Beach by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city. 


Versova Beach presents a scenic coastline, nestled cozily in Greater Mumbai. It is separated from Juhu Beach, attributable to a creek. The glorious Arabian Sea charge the sandy coast with its cooling waters. Absolutely a fun destination, Versova Beach is residence to the oldest inhabitants of Bombay, the Kolis – a fishing community. One can visit this lovely place anytime round the year, yet months between September and February offers the best time, when the city observes less clamminess. 

Swimming is an exciting activity out here, but you need to be cautious during tides. The sea becomes violent in high tides, so it is not advisable to go here at such time. Sometimes the whole beach gets submerged in water due to glut of high tides. Even after all this, Versova Beach is still known for its charming locales and surroundings. Amongst all the scenes, the best scene at the beach is made by the fishermen, when they brace themselves to barge into the sea and get their first catch. 

What you have seen in the pictures, women with fish-baskets on their head, comes alive here at the beach. And for sure, you would not resist taking your camera and clicking some great pictures of the fishermen engaged in their livelihood. You can also check the local market, where fish are sold and delicacies made of fish are served in indigenous manner. Rocks on the beach make the hedge of the buildings sited on the other side. Visit this beautiful beach to experience the original tang of Mumbai.